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unknown user
02-21-1991, 07:11 PM
On the issue of wobbling masses it may be of interest to mention that a
similar, but more simplistic (not multi-link) model has been proposed for
the perception of smoothness in movement by Wann, Nimmo-Smith & Wing (J. of
Exp. Psych. '88; B & Brain Sci; Biol. Cybernetics). Neville Hogan & Tamar
Flash had proposed jerk-minimisation as an organising principle for limb
movements. The "jelly-model" suggests that any perception of jerk is not a
dircet function of the rigid point-mass kinematics, but rather depends upon
the motion of the visco-elastic mass of muscle/skin etc.. Its not often
psychology gets ther first, but maybe this is a case (some-one from
physiology will undoubtably now write in to say they've been using this
for years!).
John Wann (John1@edinburgh.ac.uk)