View Full Version : Placement of centroids on foot

Thomas Scott Marzilli
05-01-1995, 02:42 PM
I was hoping that someone could help solve my problem. I am trying to
measure maximum toe clearance in a gait study. My problem is that if I
place the centroid, for automatic digitizing with PEAK, on the toe, it
will do one of two things. The first one that I have noticed deals with
the centroid rubbing on the ground and eventually falling off the toe.
The second one is that the subjects realize that there is a problem with
the centroid rubbing on the ground so they adjust there walking to avoid
the problem.

I avoided this the first time by not using centroids and manually
digitizing fixed points on the foot. This method did give acceptable
results but took hours to accomplish. I hope that I, with your help, can
solve this small problem.

Thank You,
T. Scott Marzilli
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo