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unknown user
05-02-1995, 06:48 AM

A notice of a lecture presented by Professor D.R. Wilkie to the Institution of
Electrical Engineers in London. The subject, of course, is muscle:

Available now. LINEAR MOTOR. Rugged and dependable: design optimized by
world-wide field testing over an extended period. All models offer the economy
of "fuel cell" type energy conversion and will run on a wide range of commonly
available fuels. Low stand-by power, but can be switched within msecs to as
much as 1 kW/kg (peak, dry). Modular construction, and wide range of available
subunits, permit tailor-made solutions to otherwise intractable mechanical

Choice of two control systems:

(1) Externally triggered mode. Versatile, general-purpose units. Digitally
controlled by picojoule pulses. Despite low input energy level, very high
signal-to-noise ratio. Energy amplification 106 approx. Mechanical
characteristics: (1 cm modules) max. speed optional between 0.1 and 100
mm/sec. Stress generated: 2 to 5 x 105 N/m2.

(2) Autonomous mode with integral oscillators. Especially suitable for pumping
applications. Modules available with frequency and mechanical impedance
appropriate for:
(a) solids and slurries (0.01-1.0 Hz)
(b) Liquids (0.5-5 Hz): lifetime 2.6 x 109 operations (typical) 3.6 x 109
(maximum) independent of frequency.
(c) Gasses (50-1,000 Hz)

Many options: e.g., built-in servo (length and velocity) where fine control is
required. Direct piping of oxygen. Thermal generation, etc.

Good to eat.