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Herman J. Woltring
02-22-1991, 09:10 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

While email communication is usually available for free to account holders on
EARN/BITNET, Internet, etc., (log-on time, disk usage, paper output typically
being charged), it may be useful to mention that email access is also becoming
increasingly available through PC and modem facilities by telephone. Below is
a recent posting (there are various similar ones) on LSTOWN-L@INDYCMS.BITNET,
the ListServ list owners' list ( n o t for LISTEARN, which is located else-
where). Note that the AT&T service is for US telephones only.

Interestingly, one such service (PRODIGY) has been accused of censoring email
to and from its subscribers. Whether this allegation is true or not, such
issues do raise concern about freedom of opinion, free access to information,
and similar fundamental rights in a networking context, especially if (with
some justification, perhaps) `network harrassment' is used as an argument to
counter network `flaming'. As said at a previous occasion: "verba volent,
scripta manent" ...

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL
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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 91 15:23:15 EST
From: Glen McCluskey
Subject: RE: MCIMAIL or COMPUSERVE - a data point
Sender: ListServ list owners list

I would be interested in this information also. I did some research on
AT&T Mail, a similar service, and would like to know how it compares.
The writeup is below.

Also, if anyone knows what services of this type are available in Europe
or Asia, I would be interested.

Glen McCluskey


I've been doing a bit of research on how the mailing list could be
made available to those without access to a network. In other words,
those who only have a PC and a modem. What follows is a description
of one such service. I work for the company that provides this
service (AT&T), but am not associated with it in any way.

The service is known as AT&T Mail, and it is specifically aimed at
users with only PCs. The full description of the services provided is
given below. Here is a summary:

1. You register by calling the 800 number given below. You
must have a PC and a modem to use the service.

2. Once you are registered, you use the service by dialing an
800 number. There are no phone charges or connect charges
based on the amount of time you are on the phone.

3. You are billed a flat amount of $30 a year, plus charges
for each message you send. There is no charge to receive
messages. For example, if most of the time you only read
items posted to the list, your charges will be very low.

4. For an average message of 1500 characters that you send,
it will cost you 45 cents to create the message, and 80 cents
to send it, for a total of $1.25 a message. A message of up
to 7500 characters would cost the same.

5. AT&T Mail does provide service to the Internet. The
Internet is a term referring to the collection of networks in
common use, such as BITNET, Usenet, Arpanet, CSnet, and so on.
AT&T Mail looks like an Internet site. An AT&T Mail user
would send mail to SDA-L using the address:


while the SDA-L mailing list entry for such a user would be:


6. Because of the Internet access, you can use such an
account to send email to basically anyone.



To register for AT&T Mail:

Call 1 800-624-5672.
Provide your social security number.
Provide your working address.
Provide your security word (mother's maiden name)


With AT&T Mail you pay for the notes/messages you send. It costs you
nothing to receive and read your mail, unless you choose to read a
COD message, use AT&T Mail Talk, or read messages from shared folders that
charge for access. If you delete a COD message without reading it, the
sender will be billed for the message.

There are three types of AT&T Mail users: Basic Users, FORMS/FILES Users,
and users with Off-Net Directory Entries.

FORMS/FILES Users have all the capabilities of Basic Users, PLUS they are
able to create forms, address lists, folders (for permanent storage of
messages), and shared folders (for access by other accounts).

An Off-Net Directory Entry is principally used by users of UNIX systems
registered with AT&T Mail. It allows them to use local electronic mail
services and also have an entry in the AT&T Mail online directory that
automatically forwards mail to their local system.


A NOTE contains no more than 400 characters of text.
A MESSAGE contains more than 400 characters of text.

Additional MESSAGE UNIT charges apply to messages containing more than
one MESSAGE UNIT (MU) of text, where a MESSAGE UNIT is 7500 characters.


Reading Electronic Messages
From Your Account NO CHARGE
From Shared Folders* $.30/Note
$.45/MU read
Basic User Registration Fee $30.00/year
Online Note/Message Creation
Note** $.20/Note created
Message** $.45/MU created
Sending Mail
Electronic Note $.40/recipient
Electronic Message $.80/recipient
Electronic COD Message $1.25/recipient
US Mail Message $2.00/recipient
Overnight Message $7.50/recipient
Urgent Message $27.50/recipient
Additional Message Units*** $.80/recipient/MU
Return Receipts and
Delivery Notifications $.40/recipient
Other Services
AT&T Mail Talk $.50/minute

*The owner of a Shared Folder may option the folder so that all read
charges are billed to the owner.

**The Creation Charge is only added to the price of the first note/message
sent if the note/message was created using the CREATE or UPLOAD command
or edited using the EDIT command. Thus, notes/messages originating on
UNIX systems or personal computers running Level 3 Approved AT&T Mail
messaging software do not have the creation charge added.

***Additional Message Unit charges apply to all delivery methods except



FORMS/FILES User Fee* $10.00/month

Additional Storage Charges $.30/MU/month
(in excess of 30 MU/month)

Shared List Storage and $1.50/MU/month
Shared Folder Storage
(not included in FORMS/FILES allowance)

*FORMS/FILES Users are permitted to use 30 Message Units of permanent
storage per month without any additional storage charges. Every note,
message, mailing list, form, or folder counts as at least 1 Message
Unit in length. Thus, in a typical month a FORMS/FILES user can save
about 30 notes/messages without additional cost.


Logo/Signature Registration $12.00/graphic/year


Price discounts are available for large volume customers. These
discounts apply to the total monthly bill EXCLUDING software purchases,
US Mail, Overnight, Urgent, and TELEX delivery charges.

In exchange for monthly usage commitments of $2000 or $8000, discounts
of 10% to 25% are offered. For more information regarding these
discounts, contact the AT&T Mail Telemarketing Center at 1-800-367-7225.