View Full Version : opt. of 3D motion measurement

Liu Wen
05-05-1995, 11:45 AM
> Dear Biomechanists:
> I have some questions about the determination of rotation matrix
> R and the translation vector V from noisy landmarker measurements. Suppose
> that the measurement errors are independent and normally distributed with
> constant standard deviation. Will I obtain higher accuracy of R and V if I
> use more than 3 markers and use the least square algorithm (Veldpaus et
> al, 1988) than that if I use only three markers and without using the least
> square algorithm? If answer is yes, is there any one proved it,
> theoretically or numericaliy?
> As always, I will post a summary of replies.
> W. Liu
> sg94k483@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu