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Ricardo's Laboratory
05-09-1995, 03:16 AM
My name is Genevieve Ferland. I am a third year physiotherapy student
and research assistant at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
I am presently working on a research project that is trying to
elaborate a device allowing to assess and rehabilitate pinch force
appreciation in CVA patients, using strain gauges and computerized visual feedback
system. I wish to build a pinching device with adjustable pinch spans. I
haven't succeded in finding information about the influence of
different pinch spans on pinching strength. I would be grateful if
anyone could give me information regarding pinch spans and pinching
strength or were to find such information. Any information in the
form of reference related to any hand or finger pinch force devices
will be appriciated.

Thank you for your assisstance.

Genevieve Ferland
With kind regards,

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