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Peter Mccraw
05-10-1995, 03:59 PM
Greetings subscibers of Biomch-l,

I am a computing student at Deakin University, in Melbourne Australia, who
is six weeks away from finishing his thesis. My topic is "The Qualitative
Analysis of Motor Skills using Multi-Media Software Engineering Techniques."
My intention was to design a system that utilised existing video and current
multi-media computer technology, which sports practitioners and coches could
use as a teaching aid. The system would allow the 'coach' to obtain a
visual feedback of an athletes perfomance. You could study patterns of
movement, use it to compare athletes etc..

In addition to my computing skills, I have studied 3rd year biomechanics to
assist me with my research for my thesis. I am a tennis coach, and an
accomplished tennis player, who works with some of Australia's professional
tennis players. This has given me a practical forum inwhich to develop my
biomechanics background and further my knowledge.

For the second half of 1995 and beyond, I will be looking to gain some more
experience in the field of Biomechanics. I am spending a month at the
Australian Institute of Sport in October-November this year.

My request is this, would anyone be in a position to offer me a chance to
work in this area as an assistant, etc.. paid or unpaid, so as to help me
develop my talents and skills. I would be willing to travel to pursue the

I feel my knowledge of tennis is such that I could offer alot to a college
team,or state/nationally ranked players, and would be overjoyed to be given
an opportunity to work in this capacity too.


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