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Dieter Rosenbaum
05-10-1995, 06:32 PM
Dear Biomch-lers,

I am trying to get some information for a colleague
without net access. He is a physician in the area of
trauma surgery and has been asked to evaluated treatment
outcome with a pressure sensitive system called


This system is marketed by the Cybex company and so far
only two systems exist in Germany. The device is based on
piezoelectric sensors and claims to measure the "shock wave"
when loaded. The system has several test modes that compare
left/right loading and provide some dimensionless numbers
as a result. Balance tests for example compare these numbers
for left and right foot during single limb stance and take the
ratio as a quality indicator. The system is not open for raw
data presentation thus making it difficult to decide what is
really being measured.

Are there any groups that know the system, have been working
with this system or have any background information about it?

If there is enough feedback and interest I will post the replies.
Thanks in advance,



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