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Herman J. Woltring
12-18-1988, 10:10 PM
Dear Colleagues,

With BIOMCH-L now active for just over 2 months, let me wish you a Happy
Christmas and all the best for 1989. At the present, we have 31 subscribers
in Europe and North America; let's hope that things will evolve into a true
discussion and news exchange list.

(1) IEEE Proceedings:

The September 1988 "Special Issue on Electromedical Systems" is a highly inter-
esting one, with major topics "Medical Imaging", "Applied Neural Control", and
"Interventional and Implantable Systems" -- an unusual, but highly relevant
combination. Personally, I found the following papers most interesting:

"Recent Advances in Magnetic Resonance Imaging" by Riederer (Mayo Clinic)
"Applications of VLSI Circuits to Medical Imaging" by O'Donnell (Gen. Electric)
"Applied Neural Control in the 1990s" by Heetderks & Hambrecht (NIH Bethesda)
"Control of Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation Systems for Standing and
Locomotion in Paraplegics" by Chizeck et al (CWRU/VA Hospital, Cleveland)

Other topics include Ultrasonic Imaging in Cardiology, Tomographic Radio-
pharmaceutical Imaging, Intravascular Imaging with Ultrasonic Catheters,
Speech Processors for Cochlear Prostheses, Defebrillators, Biomedical Sensors
in Interventional Systems, and Lithotripter Systems. Unfortunately, implan-
table systems of an orthopaedic/biomechanical nature were not discussed, des-
pite their relevance in the medical imaging field. Also the IEEE Proceedings'
Special Issue on Medical Computing (June 1988) is worth while reading.

(2) EARN'89 in Crete/Greece:

In the December 1988 issue of SURFnet Bulletin (The Netherlands), the upcoming,
3rd International EARN Conference in Capsis Beach Hotel, Crete, Greece (29 - 31
May 1989) is mentioned, with a call for papers to be submitted electronically
before 15 January 1989 to

EARN89, c/o Ms. Rena Kalaitzaki
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Crete

Of interest are the special topics on Networking and on Picture Archiving and
Communication Systems (PACS) which are especially relevant in a Medical and
Hospital Information Systems context, including the use of computers in General
Health Care.

(3) Normalization in Ergonomics/Biomechanics:

Under the auspices of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN),
Working Group CEN/TC122/WG4 on Biomechanics within CEN/TC122 on Ergonomics
has been established. Chairman is Prof. R. Huiskes, President of the European
Society of Biomechanics, Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory at Nijmegen Uni-
versity, The Netherlands (U462000@HNYKUN11.EARN), and the secretary is Mr.
Pieter de Vlaming, Netherlands Normalization Institute, P.O.B. 5059,
NL-2600 GB DELFT, The Netherlands, Tel. INT+31.15.690390, Telefax
INT+31.15.690190, Telex 38144 NNI NL. The first meeting took place in
Nijmegen on 14 November 1988 with participants from Austria, FRG, Nether-
lands, Sweden, and the UK; parties in Belgium and Denmark have expressed an

Topics for the Working Group will be:

- Human physical Strength: concepts, interrelationships and parameters to be
- Human Physical Strength: recommended force limits
- Manual handling of heavy weights
- Hand/arm speed.