View Full Version : Artificial Athlete Stuttgart??

Dan Ferris
05-12-1995, 11:33 AM
Hello Biomch-L,

I am searching for any information about the Artificial Athlete
Stuttgart, Artificial Athlete Berlin, or other similar types of above
surface force measuring devices. I have read several papers which have
mentioned their description and use (most recently in "The validity and
relevance of tests used for the assessment of sports surfaces" (1990) by
Benno Nigg and "Biomechanical aspects of playing surfaces" (1987) by Nigg
and M.R. Yeadon).

In particular I would like to know if these or other similar devices are
commercially available. If they are not readily available, does anyone
have information on their design and specifications that could help to
build one? I also welcome any discussion on their accuracy and relevance
to foot-shoe-surface interface forces.


Dan Ferris