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unknown user
03-04-1991, 01:45 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Further to yesterday's posting, I was happy to note that (as seen this morning)
the number of subscribers on both SPORTPSY@TEMPLEVM and Biomch-L@HEARN has not
undergone a significant change.

As I am about to finish my responsibilities under the current, exploratory
phase of the CAMARC project, I am in the process of transferring my (email)
activities elsewhere. In the mean time, you may reach me at any of the
following addresses until further notice:

camarc@heitue52 (EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH -- forwarding only)
camarc@er.ele.tue.nl (Internet -- ,, ,, )

Please note that the current sending address UGDIST@HNYKUN53 is just a corres-
pondence address; my other co-ordinates listed below remain the same.

I should like to use this opportunity for expressing my gratitude, on behalf
of Biomch-L and of my colleagues in the CAMARC project, to the following
persons and entities for their hospitality and support during the past three

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Prof.dr.ir. J. Janssen (Mechanical Engineering)
Prof.dr.ir. P. Eykhoff (Electrical Engineering)
ir. W.M.A. Senden (University Computer Center)

Philips Medical Systems Nederland B.V., Best, The Netherlands
ir. H. van Bree (Chairman)
ing. K. Koffeman (Software Engineering)
ing. G. van der Munnik (Coordination Development, Science, & Technology)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Prof.dr. M. Hebbelinck (Dept. of Kinesiology)
Prof.dr. M. Osteaux (Dept. of Radiology)

With kind regards,

dr ir Herman J. Woltring, M.Sc.
Partner, CAMARC-project & Moderator, Biomch-L
Brussellaan 29, NL-5628 TB EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands
Tel. (private) +31.40.480869, voice/fax/modem +31.40.413744

CAMARC, for Computer Aided Movement Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context,
is a 2-year pilot study (1989/6 - 1991/3) under the Advanced Informatics in
Medicine action (AIM) of the Commission of the European Communities (CEC),
with academic, industrial, public-health, and independent partners from
Italy, France, U.K. and The Netherlands. Its scope is pre-normative and
precompetitive; a 3-4 year Main Phase is anticipated as of late 1991.