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05-14-1995, 10:53 PM
Dear Biomch-ers,

I am working on the biomechanical validation of hip prostheses and am
looking for substitutes to cadaveric specimens. A synthetic femur model for
such purposes should:
- have similar geometry to the "average" femur;
- have spongy bone modeled a different way than cortical bone;
- have similar mechanical properties (including inhomogeneous and
anisotrpic elastic behaviour) to the "average" human femurs;
- be reproducible, for comparative testing.

The only commercially available models I am aware of are the Composite
femurs manufactured in the States by Pacific Research Labs, and imported in
Europe by Sawbones. Does anyone know of any other manufacturer of synthetic
models with similar properties?

As usual, I will summarise and post the responses. Thank you in advance for
your help.


Luca Cristofolini

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