View Full Version : JOINT POWERS

Siobhan Hillery
05-18-1995, 04:40 AM
Hello all,
I am involved in a project which is concerned with the development of
a new Dynamic Elastic Response prosthesis for a below-knee amputee.
As part of the project I'm assessing the biomechanics of amputee
walking and running gait. In the review that I have done to date, I
have read many papers that discuss the joint moments and powers of
both the affected and unaffected limbs. The powers involved are based
on those described by Winter as muscle powers. However, I have yet to
find any papers which assess the "joint powers", that is the transfer
of energy from one segment to the adjacent segments through the
joints. Have I not seen these papers, or has some
research been done which discounts this approach? I'd be grateful for
any responses and will post a summary to the list.
Siobhan Hillery,
Northern Ireland Bioengineering Centre,
University of Ulster at Jordanstown,