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Marc Brande
05-21-1995, 02:48 AM
Even better, would you post the info on an appropriate WEB server so all
can access the info whenever they desire? It w3ould be permanently
available that way.

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On Sun, 21 May 1995, Louis-Philippe Amiot wrote:

> Hello fellow netters
> I am trying to make up a survey of currently used 3D bone reconstruction
> software packages.
> If you are using one, or if you are developping one, could you please
> take a few seconds and send me the following info:
> 1- Image gathering methods (e.g. CT-Scan)
> 2- Output model (e.g. color map vs geometric vertices)
> 3- Reconstruction technique (stereo vs contour detection)
> 4- Precision
> 5- Hardware platforme
> I shall make a complete list available on this server as soon as
> I get answers
> Best regards,
> Louis-Philippe Amiot