View Full Version : In memoriam: Andrzej J. Komor

unknown user
03-04-1991, 10:54 PM
Dear colleagues,

Those of you who have known Andrzej Komor must be as shocked as I am
to hear of his tragic death. Last Sunday he was returning to Colorado
Springs from Texas A&M University where he had done some wind tunnel
experiments on the aerodynamics of cycling. The plane crash ended
his life.

We have all known Andrzej as a very warm person, and a very active
and strong researcher. When I first met him at the 1987 Symposium
on Computer Simulation in Warsaw, I was immediately captivated by
the richness of his ideas and the strong will to pursue them.
It was only last summer that he told me of all the plans he had for
his new job in Colorado Springs. Andrzej was always looking to the
future. One of his successful ideas was the formation of the Working
Group on Computer Simulation within the ISB. I think all members of
this group must keep his spirit alive by continuing his initiative.

Let us think for a moment of his family in far-away Poland, the country
with which Andrzej had such a special relationship. His death is
certainly a great loss for the biomechanics community.


-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-l co-moderator.