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Young-hoo Kwon
05-23-1995, 06:37 PM
Dear colleagues on BIOMCH-L:

Slightly less than two years ago I post an inquery on BIOMCH-L for the video
equipment. Since then I've been working on developing a video digitizing
program and had some success.

Recently I had a presentation regarding this matter, entitled 'Construction
and Utilization of a Low-Cost Video Motion Analysis System' at the II
International Olympic Symposium in Biomechanics held in Lleida, Spain on
May 4-5. An article written for this presentation, 'Construction of a
Low-Cost Video Motion Analysis System', is available for all of you
interested in this topic.

For this, the computer maintenance people in my institute and I agreed on
opening a computer account rather than a ftp site for the moment. The user-ID
of the temporary account is:


The password for this account is 'KWON'. The name of the file you need to
seek for is 'video.doc' which is created with Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0.
I put this file from my PC in binary mode. So you will probably need to get
it in binary mode, too. I tested it positive to put and get the file to and
from the above-mentioned account.

The ideas presented in the article are what I have collected from the
information sources such as books and manuals. I am a lay sport biomechanist
with limited knowledge of video technology. So anyone with some experiences
in programming will be able to develop a video digitizing program with the
information provided in the article. Since the article is based on my limited
experience and knowledge, I am sure there must be better and easier ways to
accomplish the same job. I welcome comments from more experienced colleagues
on these matters.

My video system was developed based on the hardware components available
around me. And the hardware configuration by chance is similar to that of
Peak Performance, ie. I use the VCR controller board to access the desired
video frame(s). But the VCR Controller, BCD-1000, is readily available on
the market. I am currently using the Data Translation frame grabbers such as
DT2851, DT2853, DT2861 and DT 2862. But you may use different frame grabbers
such as Matrox and Coreco.

My intention here is to develop a low-cost video motion analysis system with
reasonable analysis capability such as automatic digitizing. I hope this
effort to be helpful for those of you who intend to setup video motion
analysis system but suffer from insufficient budget. By purchasing the
hardware components and adding your own software you will be able to reduce
the cost up to 1/3 of the price of similar commercial systems.

If you have any questions, please send them to my address shown below.

Good Luck!

Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher
Korea Sport Science Institute
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Seoul, 139-242
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