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07-05-1995, 01:20 PM
## meet women of the former USSR through romance ads ##

Months ago, Olga Kosmina placed my personal ad in several papers of the
former Soviet Union. Since that time I have received over 40 responses for
the $50 I mailed Olga. (I believe she paid the newspapers something around
$35 and kept the rest for her efforts.)
I have found greater success and savings by placing my own personal
romance advertisement rather than purchasing addresses through Russian "bride"
catalog companies.
If you are interested in placing a personal romance ad as I did, contact
Olga. She has built up a list of most every newspaper and magazine in the
former Soviet Union and could help direct your ad to certain areas if you
wish. She writes, "please say that I place all ad _throughout_ Russia and
other countries of former Soviet Union, not only Western Russia."
Olga is 23 years old, has a bachelors in biology and works full-time as a
florist in Kiev. She speaks, reads and writes English as well as her native
languages of Russian and Ukrainian.
I realize that it is a very trusting person who would put $ into an
envelope and mail to a foreign country. If you would rather send a letter of
inquiry first, Olga will respond to your questions. It takes about 16 days
for a letter to travel from the USA to Kiev.

Olga Kozmina
Dekabristov Street 5 - 178
Kiev 253121

I have found that by placing a single bill between two pieces of
newsprint inside an envelope, the Ukrainian post cannot see through and does
not bother to tamper. I have yet to lose a letter sent to Kiev. I am sorry
that Olga does not have e-mail because it would make contact with her much
I am posting anonymously because of the inordinate amount of e-mail which
I would receive -- inquiries as well as flames.

Best Wishes,

David and Olga

Although Olga has never seen a newsgroup nor heard of "net-etiquette,"
she believes that helping others exceeds the cost of angering those who feel
the net should not be used in this fashion.
IHA (I humbly ask) that you not flame the postmaster of this site.

peace. . .