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24. ADTECH, Adelphi, MD

The principal product of ADTECH is AMASS (ADTECH Motion Analysis Software
System). AMASS is the state-of-the-art 3D motion measurement software for
generating 3D trajectories from digitized video images. Currently
AMASS is compatible with raw video data files generated by VICON systems,
Motion Analysis Corp. systems (VP110, VP320, and HiRes), and ELITE systems.

AMASS provides all necessary functions including

* camera linearization
* 3D system calibration
* completely "hands off" 3D tracking of multiple trials
* interactive graphics program for identifying the 3D marker trajectories
* a general purpose graphics display program for 3D data and analog data

The PC version of AMASS runs under DOS, has a very easy-to-use interface,
and provides a manyfold advantage in speed and accuracy of 3D tracking over
most other available software.

In September of 1994 ADTECH introduced the first auto-calibration program.
Instead of using a set of fixed accurately measured reference markers, a pair
of markers on a wand are moved throughout the volume to be calibrated. The
program calculates the external parameters for all cameras using up to 200
marker locations which are also computed.

Contact: Andrew Dainis or Douglas McGuire

2002 Ruatan St.
Adelphi, MD 20783

Phone: (301) 330-6077
Fax : (301) 434-5569
E-mail : AMASS@aol.com