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Frank Buczek
07-12-1995, 12:31 PM
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July 12, 1995

Dear Colleagues in Biomechanics,

I have been working over the past several years as chairman of the Fit and
Biomechanics subcommittee (F13.20), of the Safety and Traction for Footwear
main committee (F13), of the American Society for Testing and Materials
(ASTM). We have made substantial progress in identifying issues relevant
for the promulgation of safety standards related to slip resistance needs
in human locomotion. Standards in terminology, slip measuring devices,
and safe walking surfaces are but a few of the on-going efforts.

The time has come for me to relinquish the chairmanship of F13.20, and
I write to you today in hopes of finding other biomechanists interested
in assuming this important role. The main committee meets bi-annually,
with sub-committee meetings scheduled by the chairman at these and other
times of convenience. This is a voluntary position, but brings with it
the ability to directly influence the safety of workers and pedestrians
throughout the United States. The committee, composed of research
scientists, footwear and floor covering producers, medical personnel,
and safety professionals, offers many sources of information as well as
opportunities for collaboration. Full-time ASTM staff members assigned
to F13 assist with administrative tasks, including the identification
of funding sources for research.

Those of you who would be interested in assuming this role, or who would
like additional information, should contact the chairman of the main
committee directly at:

William Marletta, Ph.D.
Chairman, ASTM F13
143 Cedar Point Drive
West Islip, NY 11795
(516) 321-8772 voice
(516) 321-8773 fax


Frank L. Buczek, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Advanced Biomechanics Inc.