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Nissan Moshe
07-13-1995, 07:10 PM
Dear netters:
I am sending this announcement in case there are any other biomechanics
like myself with interest in the fast developing field of laser therapy.
(All others are just invited to use it as an excuse to visit Jerusalem).

The 1st Congress of the World Assocoation for Laser Therapy
Jerusalem, ISRAEL, MAY 5-9, 1995

The program:

Will include invited lectures, as well as oral, poster and
video presentations,

The Basic Research and Clinical Application sections will
cover all possible aspects of Laser Therapy.


The Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem


The official language of the Congress is English

Call for Abstracts:

The deadline for a 1-page abstarct is DECEMBER 31, 1995.

All enquiries for details concerning abstract forms, fees, travel
arrengments etc should be send to:
The Secretariat
P.O.Box 50006
Tel-Aviv 61500
tel: 972-3-5140000; fax: 972-3-5175674

Sorry but the WALT does not have an e-mail. My e-mail is checked only
once a week but I'll be happy to help.

May is a beautiful month here,

We will be happy to have you all in Israel in the year 3000 of Jerusalem.

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