View Full Version : Biomechanics of VDT use

Jeff Hawkins
07-14-1995, 10:07 AM
I would appreciate the input of the list members concerning the height of
the computer screen in relation to the operators eye level.

The VDT Guidelines I have seen published recommend placing the top of the
monitor at eye level. This results in a slight downward tilting of the head
(15-20 degrees). My contention is that tilting the head down moves the
center of mass of the skull forward from a neutral resting position. To
balance this, the tension of the suboccipital muscles must be increased thus
predisposing the VDT operator to suboccipital headaches and numerous other

I believe it would be better to place the center of the screen at eye level
(or even just above eye level), which would allow the head to remain in a
more neutral position and reduce the possibility of the VDT operator
developing a cumulative trauma disorder.

Any thoughts?

Jeff Hawkins