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07-15-1995, 09:21 AM
I would like to share a project we conducting where we utilize AVI file
(Audio-Video-Interlace) to transmit through the internet video combined
with EMG. We utilize the Sound Blaster card which incorporate the
EMU8000 with 1MB . The ROM is 32 MB. Since the audio portion allows
sampling of voice to 44 KHz we decided to write software to be able to
capture any video at 60 fields/second with EMG recorded to the sound
channels. We got good results. Not only you can capture video in real
time and transmit it through the internet or process it locally, but
also, collect synchronized EMG data and display it on the video as well
as storing it for further calculations.
My question to some of you is if there is any problem with this
method. If this method is working well then anyone can have an
integrated video capturing system with EMG for a very inexpensive
hardware. The Sound Blaster come with two audio inputs which allows two
EMG channels. However, it is possible to multiplex the 44 K to 10
channels of approx. 4K each. Did anyone tried this method ? The Video
card can be used also as the Video Blaster made by the same company or
any other video capturing card such as the Intel Smart Video .
Hope to hear from you

Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.
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