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Oyvind Stavdahl
07-16-1995, 07:46 PM
Dear list,

Folowing is a WITHDRAWAL of the chain letter recently posted to
BIOMCH-L by Wolfgang Krach, written by it's author.

Please read this - and do NOT mutliply the cahin letter.

In the spirit of saving bandwidth,
Oyvind Stavdahl

Oyvind Stavdahl (Siv.ing., Dr.ing. student)

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NORWAY Email: stavdahl@itk.unit.no

--- Forwarded mail ---


Dear Madames, Sirs,

First of all, I have to deeply apologize everyone for my having
started a chain letter. Thank you very much for those of you who
have pointed out the troublesomeness about the chain letter.
I have decided to stop collecting signatures by using chain letter,
but then, I have to use the same method to stop it. So,
please forgive me of my asking you to send this letter to everyone
who you have sent the "Stop Nuclear Tests!" chain letter.
I am sending this letter to everyone who have sent me a letter
concering this matter, so some of you might receive more than one
copies of this letter, but again, forgive me of this happening.

Now, this is what I would like you to do.

If you have sent a copy of the "Stop Nuclear Tests!" chain letter
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
to your friends, please send a copy of this letter to each of those
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
friends as soon as possible.

If you haven't sent a copy of it to anyone and still have the
copy in your hand, please send the list back to me. My e-mail address


Don't forget to add your name on the list if you do think
the French government, or any other group should not execute
nuclear tests.

Right now, Shimizu Seishi and I are constructing a WWW Homepage
to continue this activity. From now on, We will gather signatures
via WWW, or simply accept signatures sent to us. We would also like to
show the list on WWW, but if you don't want your name to be
open to the public, please tell me so. We will keep your name
on the list that will be sent to Mr. Chirac, the president of
France, anyway.

The WWW homepage will have the follwing contents:
* The objective of this activity
* The list of signatures
* A page to introduce opinions about the Nuclear Tests
* A page to ask for technical advices to make this activity a better
* Links to related pages

The adress is:


At the point I am writing this letter, 11:00 P.M., Jul, 8, 1995,
the Homepage is far from complete. It would be grateful if you can
see it sometimes, and when you think it is well enough, please tell
your friends about the Homepage (in your own word) so they can
join in the activity.

I haven't made a Japanese translation of this letter. If you really
want to have it, please tell me so.

Yuichi Nishihara
Physics Department, School of Science, University of Tokyo

---End of forwarded mail ---