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Piero Morasso
03-19-1991, 05:20 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Although the study of handwriting is not in the mainstream of the Biomch-L
readership (nothing to do with graphology!!) a recent doctoral dissertation
by Lambert Schomaker, a distinguished member of our club, is really worth
mentioning. I am a good witness because I was in Lambert's thesis committee.

The title: Simulation and recognition of handwriting movements
(a vertical approach to modeling motor behavior).

Place: NICI - Nijmegen (schomaker@nici.kun.nl or schomaker@hnykun53.bitnet)

Contents: Handwriting is considered both from the point of view
of motor control and of information processing. Different
classes of models are considered with particular emphasis on
connectionist models. There is a significant experimental part,
which includes signal processing aspects, and finally a very
interesting section on the recognition of cursive handwriting.

Comments: There are many reasons for which Lambert's thesis is
interesting in our context. One of them is that it shows extremely
well that biomechanics can have fruitful links with cognitive and
cybernetic aspects. After all, we need a brain to move our

Piero Morasso

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