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Philip Fink
07-17-1995, 01:08 AM
As part of my dissertation I have been using the Kin-Com 500H
system to find extension and flexion strength curves at the knee.
While collecting data I noticed that the curves I was generating had
peaks that occured at angles different than those reported in the
I decided to check the accuracy of the machine by collecting
isometric data on the machine while using a goniometer to measure the
actual joint angle. I found large differences between the measurements
from the machine and from the goniometer (up to 37 degrees). The
differences were caused primarily by deformation of the soft tissue of
the leg. The differences were greater for extension than for flexion,
but were present in both.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem and if
anyone has a solution.

Thank you in advance,
Philip Fink
Purdue University