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Christian Lariviere
07-17-1995, 01:45 AM
I am a PhD student at the U. of Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) and we
are trying to validate our dynamic 3D multisegment model. We are
comparing the results of 2 dynamic methods to estimate triaxial net
reaction moments at the L5/S1 joint (upward and downward methods)
depending of the initiation of hte external forces (from the feet or
from the hands).
Our results with static tasks suggest that the positions of the
centers of mass of the different parts of the trunk (pelvic, lumbar
and thoracic sections) are inadequate. We use the data of Zatsiorsky
& Seluyanov (1981, 1983) to estimate their positions along the
longitudinal axis but their antero-posterior positions are unknown.
We tried to locate these centers of mass along a line connecting the
middle of the shoulders to the middle of the hips but the results are
still disapointing.
We would like to find other body segment parameters data who
gives the antero-posterior positions for these 3 separate segments.
We don't know if these data exist. Any comments/suggestions or
references will be grateffully received.
As usual, all the responses will be posted. Thank you!

Christian Lariviere

Laboratoire de biomecanique occupationnelle
U. de Sherbrooke