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Stephen J. Kinzey
07-17-1995, 06:39 AM
Fellow Scientists,

We at the University of Toledo are attempting to measure electrical activity of
leg and thigh musculature during a static stance using the Telemyo system from
Noraxon. We are having some problems analyzing the attained curves. Calls to
technical support have given us some information but have still not solved the
problem. The error message that we continually receive is "No Contractions
Found on This Channel". After playing with the parameters we were able to mark
several locations on the curves, however, the locations are not meaningful
since they are indicative of many different contractions on each channel rather
than one total curve. We want to measure total muscle activity over a time
period of 15 seconds for four muscles and get contraction data for the whole
time period. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?

As is customary a summary of responses will be posted.



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