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Cagatay Basdogan
07-17-1995, 08:44 AM
Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry. Listed below
is a summary of responses to my post:

Original post:

>Dear biomch-l subscribers:

>I am interested in research studies and avaliable commercial equipment
>related to enhancing running performance of humans using energy-returning
>mechanisms such as shoes with springs in them.

>I also remember a posting in Biomch-l, approximately a year ago,
>about a below knee prosthetic device that improves the efficiency
>of running, but I am unable to find it in the Biomch-l archive.
>I would be very pleased if you could point me towards studies or
>products in this area.

>Cagatay Basdogan, Ph.D
>Research Scientist
>MusculoGraphics Inc.
>Northwestern University Research Park

>e-mail: basdogan@nwu.edu

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Dear Cagatay,

The following paper describes the 'tuning' of a running track's stiffness to
increase running speed and reduce the risk of injury:

McMahon, T.A. (1984) Mechanics of Locomotion. International J Robotics Res.
Vol 3, Issue 2, pp 4-28

Hope this helps!

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David Hynd
Biomedical Engineering Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Surrey
Surrey GU2 5XH



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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995 09:00:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Richard Wells
To: Cagatay Basdogan
Subject: Re: enhancing running performance
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See papers by David Winter on energy returning B/K prosthesis and
by F. Prince and Winter on energy retern from prosthetic feet.

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From: j-patton@nwu.edu
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 14:10:10 -0500
X-Sender: pattn@merle.acns.nwu.edu

Bob Soutas-Little at Michigan State did a study a few years back on the
Brooks Fusion Running shoe, designed in the spirit of the McMahon Srung
track. You may want to EMAIL him about it (soutas@egr.msu.edu).

JIM PATTON (j-patton@nwu.edu)

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Date: 10 Jul 95 08:53:59 EDT
From: Ned Frederick
To: Cagatay Basdogan
Subject: Re: enhancing running performance

Some references for your information:

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