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unknown user
07-17-1995, 01:10 PM
Not to long ago, I posted a message re: meeting women of the former
soviet union through romance ads

In August, Olga will travel to Moscow from her home in Kiev, Ukraine.
In Moscow, Olga will have a much easier and cost efficient means to place your
personal romance ad throughout Russia.

Last week I received the following from Olga:

"I have already sent your ad to the papers in such towns: Moscow,
St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Kazan. At nearest future I will send your ad to the
paper in some more 12 towns of Russia, where papers are published.
Some times (in winter, spring & now) I placed your ad in other papers,
but they are not most popular paper in Moscow and some large cities of Russia.
Besides, I am continuing to place your ad in papers of Ukraine. I
promise to place your ad in some other papers when I will come to Moscow in
August. I am glad that you have received fairly many letters from Russian &
Ukrainian girls and I think you will received some more ones and will find
your ideal in my country soon.
I thank you very much ones more for your kindness & your help.
My best wishes,


This isn't a scam - call it panhandling if you want. . . I sent her $40
or $50 and I've received over 45 responses. Unlike placing romance ads in the
U.S., women from the former USSR respond. Although one would guess the are
doing so in the hopes of American citizenship, I haven't found it so.

Olga lives in Kiev, Ukraine (population 3 million) and will travel to
Moscow in August to visit her father. If you were to send a letter this
week, she would receive it in time. The population of Moscow is 10 million
-- (3 times the size of Los Angeles.)

Feel free to send a letter and ask her your questions. She will be happy
to respond.

Olga's address:

Kiev 253121
Dekabristov Street 5 - 178
Olga Kozmina

I am posting anonymously because of the flames and volume of inquiries
that would result otherwise. I think those who are truely interested will
take the time to write.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________
To: probable flamer
Subject: polite note

Although Olga has never seen a newsgroup nor heard of "net-etiquette,"
she believes that offering lonely singles the possibility of romance exceeds
the cost of angering those who feel the net shouldn't be used in this fashion.
IHA (I humbly ask) that you not flame the postmaster of this site.

peace. . .