View Full Version : ISB NL #41 (Feb/Mar '91)

Herman J. Woltring
03-19-1991, 06:57 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

A few hours after posting the USSR/EARN/BITNET announcement this morning,
I received the February/March ISB Newsletter containing, among others, a
Biomch-L update for the ISB membership. In it, Ton and YHS made reference
to the 1990 expansion of electronic communication to the eastern countries
(e.g., Poland); it is a pity that the USSR could not yet be mentioned at the
time, and even more so now the election results seem to promise a stable,
federative structure. But enough politics which is supposedly tabu on EARN

Other items in the NL are: ISB-XIII Abstract deadline postponement until 1
May (please use email if you're late to ISB91@VAXA.UWA.OZ.AU), call for ISB
Council member nominations (FAX to Prof. John P. Paul at Strathclyde Univer-
sity, Scotland, +44.41.552 6098, or email to CLFR05@VAXA.STRATH.AC.UK, I
understand) , Request for Input to the ISB Committee for Standardisation
and Terminology for standard descriptions of kinematic data relating to human
movement (Prof. P.R. Cavanagh at CELOS, Penn State, FAX to +1(814)863-4755
or email to PRC@PSUVM.BITNET), and a number of conference announcements some
of which have been mentioned on this list.

Last but not least, three dissertation abstracts:

(1) Hilaire A.C. Jacob, Biomechanics of the Forefoot (Strathclyde, 1990),
(2) Stephen H. Westing, Skeletal Muscle Strength in Man, with special
reference to eccentric torque-velocity characteristics (Karolinska
Inst., Stockholm, 1991),
(3) Johnny E. Nilson, On the Adaptation to Speed and Mode of Progression
in Human Locomotion (Karolinksa Inst. & Univ. Coll. of Phys. Ed.,
Stockholm, 1990).

I don't want to copy all of the Newsletter, but I'll make an exception for
Hilaire Jacob with whom I had the unfortunate experience, while walking at
leasure along the Portugese coast about eight years ago after a NATO-
sponsored Biomechanics Conference, to realise that the plane on which one
of us was booked was taking off at that very moment. No forefoot pressure
on a gas pedal or during running could help at the time...

I hope that this experience may be slightly responsible for the Konrad
Biesalsky prize from the German Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology
awarded to this thesis "for distinguished scientific achievement in the
field of technical orthopaedics and rehabilitation". My congratulations,

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL.

No suggestions implied: some years ago, I was
nominated and lost to a better candidate.