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Patrick J Sparto
07-20-1995, 02:36 AM

Since there was some interest in the manufacturers of the contact force sensors
here are the replies. Thanks to all who e-mailed:

Have you heard of FSCAN (or F-scan, I don't know which)? It is an
array of pressure sensitive layered between sheets of mylar. The device
has been marketed as an in-the shoe device for recording contact forces of
the foot at different sites along its surface. Perhaps something similar
might be modified for your use.

Good Luck,
John L.

Dr. John H. Lawrence III
Center for Biomedical Engineering
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0070

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I have also been interested in measuring local forces due to impact - I have
followed up with the technology applied to shoes, namely, piezofilm. It
seems that KYNAR PIEZOFILM company was sold to ATOCHEM (as appeared in the
Manouel et al. Technical Note - J. Biomechanics 25(6):627-635, 1992). It
seems that this company has been sold off to AMP Sensor Products. They still
produce the piezofilm used in the footwear studies. I have requested that
they send me an information package - you can contact them directly at (610)
666 3500.

I look forward to your posting of the replies.

Terry Smith
USC Biomechanics Laboratory
USC Head Protection Research Laboratory
Los Angeles, CA

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I don't know if it would fit your application, but I'm aware of a company
that makes sensor 'sheets' that are probably in the 2'x2' or 3'x3' range,
which are used to evaluate the fit of saddles on horses' backs. If this
sounds like something workable, I'll look them up for you. Just email me at
the address below.

Nancy R. Deuel, PhD nd26@umail.umd.edu
* University of Maryland Equine Sports Biomechanics Laboratory *
* 1113 Animal Sciences Center Animal Sciences Department *
* University of Maryland Phone: 301/405-1385 *
* College Park, Maryland 20742 USA Fax: 301/314-9059 *

We are working with sensors based on pressure conductive rubber. We measure
muscle tonus trying to follow muscle fatigue during exercises. I will send
you our articles, which present our goals and experiments. Unfortunately it
is my last hour in office before leaving for hollidays. However I will try
to send you our papers ASAP.
The other contact is my friend from Prague. He has done a lot experiments in
this field. His address:
Doc. Jaromir VOLF
CVUT Prague

Dusan Simsik, Ph.D.
Technical University
Letna 9
04187 Kosice
mail: simsik@ccsun.tuke.sk

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In order to evaluate the pressure exerted by the braces on the skin
in the therapy of scoliosis we used pressure traducers type 105 S
produced by Miniature Pressure Trasducers.
In this moment I have not the adress of the Company in USA, I bought
the trasducers fron an italian commercial company, if you need it I
will try to find.
Livio Quagliarella

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Try TechScan Technologies - MA - I think they are in Boston.

Good luck

SIncerely yours,
W.R. Walsh, Ph.D.
Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering
University of New South Wales
612 385 3923 - phone
612 663 2108 fax

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I just purchased a system from Tekscan (the people who created the dental
pressure measuring devices). I am very happy with the product especially
the software. Call the company at 1-800-248-3669. Bear in mind that they
have a variety of mat types for various applications. I have the seating
mats but they offer mats for foot pressures too (the mats are configurable
to any size/pressure ranges. Tell them what you need and they will try
really hard to accomodate your needs.)

I also have a pressure mapping system from Novel. A nice system (from
germany) but the software stinks and it's a bit expensive. They also don't
have the resolution (# sensors/in2) of the Tekscan system Call Susan
Diekrager at (612) 332-8605 (you can tell her that I 'sent' you) for info
and pricing.

hope this helps.

Perry Genova, Ph.D.
NC Ergonomics Resource Center

PS. AMTI (the force plate people) sell their badge engineered version of
the Tekscan system

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