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M Sketch
07-21-1995, 01:20 AM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers

As Assistant Publishing Editor at Elsevier, responsible for the
biomechanics cluster (Journal of Biomechanics, Clinical
Biomechanics and Journal of Electromyography & Kinesiology),
I would like to comment on the current discussions
concerning the publication of ISB papers and electronic
publishing in the biomechanics community in general.

Firstly I would like to clarify that the keynote papers from the
1995 ISB conference are being submitted to Journal of
Biomechanics, with a view to appearing as part of a regular issue
(s). This procedure is being coordinated by Ron Zernicke.

As publishers we are very aware of the importance of timely
publication of current research, such as that presented at
leading meetings. We are also enthusiastic about the potential
that electronic media may provide and are continually looking
into new areas that would benefit from electronic publishing

I would greatly appreciate hearing your views on how YOU would
like to use electronic publishing. For example would you be happy
to submit your paper to an electronic journal? Would you be
interested in an online version of Journal of Biomechanics, that
delivered articles over the Internet in addition to the paper
version? Do you see electronic media as a vehicle for grey
literature (i.e. non-peer reviewed papers) or fully fledged
journals? What value do you place on grey literature?

With the particular case raised it is, however, important to
evaluate all of the advantages and disadvantages for all those
involved. For example, as alluded to by Peter Kyberd, I am sure
that the intention would not ever be to exclude sections of
the community that do not have access to Internet facilities.
Also speakers without the capability to produce their paper
in an electronic form may feel disadvantaged.
Is the perception here that the individuals or a third party (e.g
a publisher) would prepare the articles for electronic delivery.

As you can see there are many unanswered questions from our
perspective and I would welcome any comments that you may have.

Yours faithfully

Mandy Sketch
Assistant Publishing Editor
Life Sciences
email: m.sketch@elsevier.co.uk