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07-21-1995, 04:00 AM
This is an idea whose time is near if not already here. There are a large
number of unanswered questions that need to be addressed if an electronic
journal (EJ) is to be regarded as a viable alternative to a paper journal
(PJ). Here are a few I have thought of. If you direct your answers to me


I will summarize and circulate the results.

1. What could (or would you like) an EJ offer you that you do not now have
from the PJs?

2. Under what conditions would you submit an original article to an EJ
rather than a PJ?

3. Would you pay money and how much to subscribe, just scan the table of
contents, down load whole articles, perform key word searches, other?

4. Would a conventional publisher (like Elsevier) be the best provider of
such a service or could a Society do it on its own? And should it?

5. Is lack of access to the technologically underpriviledged really a
problem? If all you need is a pc and a modem, do many lack these? Is this
deprivation any different with an EJ than with the present PJ system?

6. What other questions should be addressed up front?

Two and three are really crucial. If you would like to read but would not
submit, it wont be successful. The present system has lots of costs, many
not monetary. A new one will not come for free.

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