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07-21-1995, 10:19 AM
Note: Email address is: Medstarsc@aol.com
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Subj: Biomechanist wanted
Date: 95-07-21 20:20:07 EDT
From: Medstar SC
To: biomch-l@nic.surfnet.nl

Medstar Biomedical Inc. is now (beginning 22 July 1995) accepting
applications for a full-time Biomechanist Position

Requisites: Ph.D. in Biomechanics preferred
M.S. with strong experiences will be considered

A background in one or more of the following is also desirable:
motor/neural control, neural networks, pattern recognition, engineering=
multimedia/video animation

Medstar Biomedical Inc. is a small progressive company located in Studio
City, CA. The company=92s mission is to develop clinical biomechanics
applications. Medstar uses a variety of biomechanical accquisition
technologies to meet this goal. Current projects include clinical gait,
rehabilitation, industrial medicine, sports analysis, and product testing=
The successful applicant will work closely with a biomedical engineer an=
d a
support technician on the technical aspects of these projects. They wil=
also enjoy a close working relationship with an excellent team of podiatr=
and rehab professionals.

Please contact Dr. Allen Selner and/or Deric Wisleder for further details=

Medstar Biomedical Inc.
4335 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Email: Medstar@aol.com

phone: 800 463 3782 in U.S. or: 818 763 9330 outside U.S.

FAX: 818 763 9506