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Heiko Visarius
07-23-1995, 07:42 PM
Dear Colleagues

Regarding the current discussion about electronic publishing, I would like
to make the following comments:

1. If you want to see an example for an electronic journal point your
browser to the Journal of Image Guided Surgery at http://igs.slu.edu/ or
find a list of IEEE Publications at http://www.computer.org/ (You can also
find the pointers in my home page (http://cranium.unibe.ch:80/~heivi/) under

2. The publisher should make site licences available for research
institutions. If it is not too complicated for the publisher a more complex
price list, i.e. low prices for just downloading the contents etc., would be
helpful. Example: For the Journal of Image Guided Surgery the cost is $245
for one printed copy and 5 electronic subscriptions. The individual
subscription (1 printed + 1 electronic) runs $98. Personally, I would
consider this as a fair price.

3. Electronic publishing offers the advantage of quick turnaround times and
immediate availablity after acceptance of a submission. Particularly for
"hot" topics, waiting more than one year for your publication to appear in
printed form is not ideal.

4. Keyword searches across all issues should be possible.

5. The scientific level for electronic publications should be equally as
high as for printed ones.

6. Figures, for monetary reasons usually reproduced in black and white,
could be stored and viewed in color.

7. Publishers must be aware that WWW pages of an on-line journal require
maintenance and in-house bandwidth.

Summarizing, I think that electronic publishing should serve as an
extension, not alternative, for printed journals. On-line journals can
assist in faster propagation of results in the scientific community for the
benefit of all researchers.


Heiko Visarius
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