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Mike Whittle
03-21-1991, 12:16 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

I too would like to support the suggestion that we start a bibliographic
database. However, I think there is a risk that if it depends on voluntary
input from members of the list, the coverage may be extremely patchy. On the
other hand, if it is to be comprehensive, it will require inordinate amounts
of work on somebody's part to prepare and enter all the information and
abstracts. This obviously needs to be worked out before we get too far into

On a totally different topic, as I am proposing to set up a gait analysis
laboratory here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I would like to know about any
other labs in the Southeastern USA. I have visited Ric Shiavi's lab in
Nashville, and know of a couple in Florida, but if anyone can give me details
of other labs in the area (Kentucky, Tennessee, N & S Carolina, Georgia,
Alabama) I would be most grateful. You can contact me privately - I don't
suppose the rest of the readership would be very interested!

With thanks

Mike Whittle

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