View Full Version : Biomechanics info needed

Timothy W. Berger
07-24-1995, 07:11 AM

I am new on the biomechanics server. I am in need of some information
and/or advice. I am a serious runner (60-80 mi/wk or 100-132 km/wk) and I
have an M.S. in Civil Engineering. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in
turbulent flow; however, I am not finding it to my liking as much as I
thought. I have a great interest in computational mechanics (i.e. finite
element analysis, numerical methods). I am now seriously considering trying
to combine my two interests: running (i.e. related the physiology of athletes)
and engineering. I am looking at possibly going into biomedical engineering
and/or computational biomechanics. I have searched the WWW and found
Gideon Ariel's homepage (seemed somewhat interesting), the Computational
Biomechanics Lab at RPI, the BME program at Stanford and some information
at UC Davis to highlight a few. I am looking for someplace or someone
with similar interests as I.

My questions are:

1) Given my background in engineering (structural w/ some fluids), where
should I look for obtaining more info? What schools? Professors?
Research labs (private, university or government)?

2) Would becoming a technician in a research lab allow me to pick up the
more basic physiological concepts or would those be learned better in a
class? If I were to work in a lab, what labs or research centers in the
U.S. would give me an opportunity to study the application of engineering
methods to the field of biomechanics?

3) Are there any other engineers out there with either similar interests
or have been at a similar crossroads as I am now? If so, could you
relate your story to me and what you are doing now.

All responses are greatly appreciated, in advance.

Timothy W. Berger