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Steve Hill
07-28-1995, 03:31 AM
Dear Anna Hayes:

This is a longshot... but if it is "Yoko" who make the rubber you seek,
this 800 number might get you to someone who might be able to refer you to
the correct division of the company (or not) ; )
..it maybe worth a try if you have no other leads.

snipped from a passage on performance tires on the Acura Integra Homepage:

An extremely helpful booklet is called "High Performance Tire Sales
and Reference Guide" by Yokohama. It discusses different things
about tires in general, about performance tires and then has
detailed descriptions, sizes, and ratings on all their tires.
Yokohama has a toll free support number: 800/423-4544.

All the best!

Steve : )

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Subject: pressure sensitive conductive rubber
Date: Thursday, July 27, 1995 10:55AM


I am interested in finding out the address of the company called Yokohama
(I think) who manufacture a conductive rubber whose electrical resistance
according to the applied pressure.

If anybody out there has either used this rubber or can give me the address
the supplier, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

Anna Hayes