View Full Version : Re: BIOMCH-L Digest - 28 Jul 1995 to 29 Jul 1995

Jesus Dapena
07-31-1995, 02:49 AM
This is in response to the recent message by Tim Smith.

Most of the discussion on splines WAS considering **smoothing**
splines. I guess the miscommunication was in Tim's counterposing
"smoothing" to "interpolating"; you can, in a way, have both at the same
time. "Smoothing" means that the spline curve does not pass exactly through
the raw data points; "interpolating" means that you are using the spline
functions to calculate data for times in between the times of the original
data points (although some people reserve the term "interpolating" only for
zero smoothing).

Or am I the one that missed the boat here??

Jesus Dapena