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Name \"ross Armstrong\
09-05-1995, 04:11 PM
I'm not a biomechanist, per se, but I have used biomechanice
in my work and appreciate it as a discipline. I have a sneaking suspicion
that there are a few biomechanists out there
who don't
understand properly the basic physics of their discipline.

eg at a conference once I witnessed the following overhead presented in an
almost reverent way:

F=ma (Winter, 1979)

Admittedly the paper was based on a masters' thesis but the day someone
presented one of Newton's laws and attributed it to Winter (1979) is still
discussed in ergo circles here.
The masters' topic by the way was on biomechanics and being supervised by
a biomechanist.

If there are biomechanists out there who don't know there mechanics and
dynamics that well what does this say about those who taught them and
those they teach?

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