View Full Version : Please summarize work/energy discussion

Rick Hinrichs (ariz. State Univ. Usa)
09-06-1995, 04:16 PM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers:

What has happened to the biomch-l policy about replies to postings on
biomch-l? In an effort to cut down on the flood of messages from this
list a few years ago we changed the policy of replies to postings
going to the list for all to read to replies going back to the
original poster who then would organize the replies and post a summary
to the list. This way we could read (or delete) this single summary
posting. Note: I save most of these summaries for future use. However,
this latest barrage of info on work and energy has gone a bit beyond
what I prefer. Please, people, send your replies back to the original
poster. Insist that he/she post a summary. If people disagree with
each other then duke it out on the sidelines, and when you have worked
it out (no pun intended), have the original poster sort through the mess
and inform the rest of us.

Just my 2 cents worth...