View Full Version : Re: Summarizing Positive work in cyclic motion

Dan Levine
09-07-1995, 01:44 AM
To the BIOMCH-L community:

Is there no room for debate on BIOMCH-L? Granted, some of us may not be
terribly concerned about the issue of work in tethered swimming, but if we
restrict commentary submissions to the original poster, we eliminate any
opportunity for ongoing dialogue.

I'm not convinced that we must kill such dialogue, just because some people are
tired of a particular topic. By the same token, I think that the choice of
topics for any open dialogue be considered with some care so that they are
useful to the BIOMCH-L community at large.

The topic at issue seems to be more or less a discussion of basic
thermodynamics. Is there a THERMO-L listserver out there?

Dan Levine
Zimmer, Inc.