View Full Version : Summary vs. discussion

Ton Van Den Bogert
09-07-1995, 08:33 AM
Dear subscribers,

It is certainly not the policy of Biomch-L to allow only
questions and summaries. Some topics require a public
discussion, and I personally feel that the work-energy discussion
is one of those topics. So, please don't hesitate to start and
contribute to such discussions. More specific questions, such as
'who knows a manufacturer of...' are better dealt with by private
replies and a public summary.

For the benefit of a discussion, try not to react too quickly.
E-mail on cyclic motion can easily become cyclic E-motion :-)

Thanks Paolo de Leva, for offering to summarize. I think we
absolutely need that eventually, but right now I see no reason to
stop the public discussion. There still seems to be some
progress being made.

If the large volume of mail is a problem, consider the INDEX
option, or browse Biomch-L using gopher://hearn.nic.surfnet.nl.
Wasting network bandwidth is not an issue anymore, considering
how much is used by other services such as WWW. I get the
impression that most subscribers are happy with the 'delete' key,
and so am I.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator