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Herman J. Woltring
01-08-1989, 11:10 PM
Today's topics:

(1) Additional, related mailing lists
(2) Meeting on X-Ray Photogrammetry for Artificial Joints (London) on 1989-02-21
(3) MBEC News item on Elderly and Life Saving in USA
(4) Journal of Biomechanics, December 1988


(1) Additional, BIOMCH-L related distribution lists

(1.1) LISTSERV distribution lists

AIDS@USCVM (peered) Usenet's sci.med.aids Newsgroup
AILIST@FINHUTC (peered) Artificial Intelligence List (comp.ai.digest)
AISHARE@BUYADMIN Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group
AMBBRD-L@BINGVMB Collegiate Emergency Medical Squads
ICECA@RUTVM1 Intl. Committee for Elec. Comm. on AIDS
LIVE-EYE@YORKVM1 Colour and Vision Discussion Forum
MEDINF-L@DEARN Medical Informatics List

(1.2) Other lists (human interaction for subscription)
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Bill McGarry wtm@bunker.uucp
A. "*Hobbit*" Walker security-request@rutgers.edu


(2) Meeting on X-Ray Photogrammetry for Artificial Joints (London) on 1989-02-21

Winter Lecture Programme "X-Ray Photogrammetry of Artificial Joints", The
Photogrammetric Society, London, England. February 21, 1989.
Contact The Photogrammetric Society, Department of Photogrammetry and Survey-
ing, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, England,
Tel. INT+44.1.387-7050.

[from Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing LIV(December 1988)12,
p. 1656 "Calendar"].


(3) MBEC News item on Elderly and Life Saving in USA

Life-saving and the elderly American

Life-sustaining treatments, their effects on the patient and family, and the
medical, ethical and legal considerations involving the use or non-use of such
treatments has been analysed in 'Final report: life-sustaining technologies and
the elderly' (PB87-222527), from the US Government's National Technical Infor-
mation Service.
In addition to the final report are the working papers which deal with five
particular life-sustaining technologies and their use with elderly people, al-
though much of the information is applicable to people of all ages: 'Volume 1
Working papers: The technologies, Part 1' (PB88-150164); 'Volume 2 Working pa-
pers: The technologies, Part 2' (PB88-150156); 'Volume 3 Working papers: Legal
and ethical issues, manpower and training, and classification systems for deci-
sion making' (PB88-106214); 'Volume 4 Working papers: Use of life-sustaining
technologies in other countries' (PB87-234571) and finally 'Philoaophical, le-
gal, and social aspects of surrogate decisionmaking for elderly individuals'
This report and the working papers were prepared for the Senate Special
Committee on Aging, which requested a 'thorough review of the ethical dilemma's
concerning life-and-death decisions that are faced by health-care practitioners,
elderly patients themselves, and concerned family members', issues covered in-
clude 'financial access' to life-sustaining technologies and the 'right to

[From Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing News, No. 6, November 1988,
p. N6 "Publications"]


(4) Journal of Biomechanics, December 1989, Vol. 21, Number 12:

D. Kubein-Meesenburg et al.
The biomechanical relation between incisal and condylar guidance in man

J. Winters et al.
An analysis of the sources of musculoskeletal system impedance

J.M. Winters & L. Stark
Estimated mechaical properties of synergistic muscles involved in movements of
a variety of human joints

M.G. Pandy & N. Berme
A numerical method for simulating the dynamics of human walking

M.G. Pandy & N. Berme
Synthesis of human walking: a planar model for single support

H.N. "Ozg"uven & N. Berme
An experimental and analytical study of impact forces during human jumping

Book revies:

A. Viidik: S.L.Y. Woo & J.A. Buckwater (Eds), Injury of the Musculoskeletal
Soft Tissues

D.I. Miller: B.E. Ungerechts et al (Eds), Swimming Science V.

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