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Paolo De Leva - Sport Biomechanics, Rome,italy
09-08-1995, 04:09 AM
Dear subscribers,

I agree with Rick Hinrichs that my messages were too personal,
and I am sorry. Some of you informed me that they fullhearthedly welcomed
my strong reaction, but I realized I missed the possibility to be
at the same time strong and professional, and I regret that. I want
you to know that I only meant to fight for the truth and didn't have the
intention to fight against someone.
I might have succeeded if I had waited one more day before
replying, instead of doing it immediately. If I'll ever happen to be so
much emotionally involved in some other occasion (don't worry: this is
extremely unlikely), I will apply that method.

I guess that some of the subscribers didn't understand my reaction
because they didn't follow the discussion from the beginning. Of course,
I don't believe there's something wrong in that. I should have foreseen it.
If you are one of them, I like to think that POSSIBLY you might have
been willing to forgive my reaction if you had read all of the messages,
starting from the one that originated this peculiar discussion:

> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 12:24:45 -0700
> From Robin Burgess-Limerick (address: robin@HMS01.HMS.UQ.OZ.AU)
> Subject: question: work in tethered swimming

[Later, I initiated a second branch with the subject: "POSITIVE
work in cyclic motion", but this latter topic originated directly from
the latest message about "Work in tethered swimming"]

Anyway, my behaviour was not proper and I apologize for whatever
inconvenience I may have caused, and perhaps for distressing some of you
with the tone of my messages (I even distressed myself, to tell the truth!).
I also apologize for shaking the magic professional aura of BIOMCH-L
that was promoted with much love by Herman Woltrig, and is now maintained by
its present nice moderators.

Anyway, I prefer to think that the overall impact of this discussion
was positive, in my opinion, because it gave the opportunity to make some
important points clear. Perhaps some of you will continue the discussion and
look into some other details. I believe eventually the complete TRUTH
will be crystal clear.

With the kindest regards,
(I often enjoyed to use this type of greeting
too, remembering when Woltrig was using it).

Paolo de Leva
P.S. Don't worry, Rick, I believe this situation was so peculiar that
a similar one is not likely to occur again.


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