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Ton Van Den Bogert
09-12-1995, 05:43 AM

Bortec (not Bertec, the force plate company!) has been added to
the Yellow Pages.

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25. Bortec Electronics Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Bortec Electronics Inc. (!!!Not BERTEC!!!)
Offering multi-channel surface EMG systems. Optical isolation on all
channels. Transmission of the data from the subject via single, thin cable
allowing a quasifree movement of the subject in the radius of up to 50m.
The minimum configuration (expandable) is 4 analog channels and 2 digital
marker channels for the footswitch. At present up to 8 + 2 channel
versions are available. The CSA Special Medical Inspection is included for
Canadian customers.

For more information: contact Boris Kacmar
phone: (403) 220-6275
fax: (403) 249-7778
msg: (403) 686-1904
email: kacmar@cns.ucalgary.ca
Bortec Electronics Inc.
7172 Sierra Morena Boulevard
Calgary, Alberta, T3H 3G6