View Full Version : answers tobiomechanical questions needed

09-12-1995, 07:29 PM
Hi all,
I am a final year undergraduate majoring in ergophysiology but also deeply
interested in biomechanics( I have some foundation in this in previous
years). There are some questions which i hope to find answers or clues to
some subjects that will help me a lot.

a) Is there a technique in which competitors can adopt that will prevent
them from injury in downhill runnning?

b)what could be the reasons to explain the failure to observe increase in
jump height when performing counter-movement jumps as compared to
static squat jumps?

c) why is it easier to run downhill as compared to uphill, besides the fact
that gravity is to be overcome?

d) How can the fibre characteristics and injury status be accurately
evaluated by performing a series of isokinetic knee extension and flexion
at various velocities on the Cybex 6000?

Hope to read your replies.Thanks.
Francis 92s27132766c@nievax.nie.ac.sg