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D. Drew Pringle, Ed.d.
09-13-1995, 12:27 AM
To all netters:

I had a small response to my problem with a 90 degree rotation of 3-D
stick figures. Peak Performance Technologies was very helpful in
solving the problem. Suzanne at Peak investigated our problem and gave
me some solutions to try. They were as follows:

1) Try to shift the constant for the X axis from C/0 to C/90
in the transform angle and rotations file.

2) Try redigitizing the calibration block in various forms.

The results of these two solutions led us to find that the X and Y
coordinates for our calibration block had been somehow transposed in the
3-D project files. Also, not every coordinate was reversed, which made it
difficult to initially see.
This made the DLT calculations appear to be fine, but in actuality they
were rotated 90 degrees. We are not sure how this occurred, but are
investigating it.

Thanks to Peak Performance for their help. They got us started in the
right direction and our problem is solved.

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