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Gillian April Hudson Ducasse
09-13-1995, 02:23 AM
Biomch-llers and Physios,

A good friend is seeking assistance with a paper she is doing on golf
and the shoulder problems that golfers experience. She has currently
found the references below, and is asking advice on other articles,
texts, current research in progress etc.

The references:
Jobe & Moynes: 30 exercises for better golf [TEXT]
Moynes et al. (1986): EMG and motion analysis of the UE in sports.
Phys Ther 66(12).
McLeod & Andrews(1986): Mechanisms of shoulder injuries. Phys Ther 66(12)
Nash (1988); Rotator cuff damage: examining the causes and
treatments. Physicain & Sports Med 16(8).
McCarroll & Gioe(1982): Professional golfers and the price they pay.
Physician & Sports Med 10(7).
Duda(1987); Golf injuries: they really do happen. Physician & Sports
Med 15(7).
Miniaci & Fowler(1993): Impingementin the athlete. Clinics Sports Med
Jobe et al.: Rotator cuff function during a golf swing. Am J Sports
Med 14(5).
Batt(1992): A survey of golf injuries in amateur golfers. Br J Sports
Med. 26(1).
Jobe et al.: EMG shoulder activity in men and women professional
golfers. Am J Sports Med. 17(6).
Wuelker et al.: A dynamic shoulder model: reliability testing and
muscle force study. J Biomech 28(5).
Sharkey et al.(1994): [sorry, I didn't get the title]. J Orthop Res

Any help would be appreciated and a summary will be send after
replies dwindle.
Thanks in advance.

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