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09-14-1995, 12:26 AM
Dear Biomch-l readers
We have recently purchased Kistler K-Beam accelerometers,
- a +-2G and two +-10G units. We have been having continuous
problems with one of the units. After extremely careful
use the unit failed. It was sent back to Kistler where it was
discovered that the internal element had been destroyed.
Even though we could not think of any instance where the
unit had been over loaded, Kistler would not replace
the unit, but offered to repair the unit if we shared the cost.
We tested the repaired unit immediately after the 6 weeks
that it took to repair. Unfortunately, the unit was once
again dead. We have been in contact with the Kistler agent
who says that the element has been overloaded again.
This time they will not replace the unit, and we think it is
unrealistic to pay the repair cost. It is our belief that the
unit was damaged in shipping, as we have taken extreme care
in the handling of all our units (and especially this
unit). My wish to the biomch-l group is to find out if others
are experiencing the same problem(s) with the Kistler
K-beam accelerometer, or Kistler themselves.
We are fully aware that the accelerometer we purchased has
an acceleration range of +- 10G and a shock tolerance of
2000 G (200 microsecond pulse). We additionally know that
we have not gone anywhere near to reaching these limits.
Any comments or thoughts from others would be appreciated.
I will post to the list a summary of the replies.


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